Realty Office
53660 Hwy 74 #A
Mountain Center, CA 92561
(888) 675-4025
Ph: (951) 659-4025
Fax: (951) 659-4477

Idyllwild Realty and Hilltop Realty are the two longest operating Real Estate Companies on "The Hill". Merged in 2005, they are owned and operated by parent corporation Ridgeway Vision Inc.

Together our local and professional real estate agents have assisted with listing and selling more properties than all of the other local realty offices combined. The common goal is to bring buyers and sellers together with win-win results

The two realty entities list, sell and rent all types of real estate on "The Hill", from lots and large acreage parcels, to cabins, to ranch estates as well as commercial properties. We welcome clients worldwide to our pristine, unique Mountain Community and look forward to assisting visitors in whatever capacity they may require.

** By way of reminder, using just any real estate agent/broker, other than a local agent/broker, may not be in your best interest. Local agents provide expertise in our market for the unique and unusual circumstances that can be encountered. Your best search engine for real estate on "The Hill" is a local agent/broker to assist in completing a successful and satisfying sale or purchase on your behalf.